Wilmington Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic violence may be the most misunderstood of criminal charges. Everyone is against the idea of a family member being battered. But most of the time, whatever actions occurred prior to the police being called remains a mystery. Once the police arrive, it is a certainty that one person will be arrested, even if it is uncertain that a physical assault took place, or that the arrested person did the assaulting.

A conviction for domestic assault in our state is truly life-shaking. You stand to lose access to your children and to your home, your right to carry a firearm, your good reputation in the community and at work, and very often your freedom.

Criminal defense attorney Thomas S. Hicks has shielded many clients from the harsh excesses of North Carolina domestic violence, which can define the crime as vaguely as causing anxiety or emotional distress.

We do not condone family or household members assaulting one another. But it is important to bear in mind that every individual is innocent until proven guilty, and that every person is entitled to a robust defense. We have helped hundreds of clients to tell their story the way it actually happened, and to spare them the worst excesses of the law.

If you have been arrested for domestic assault, or had a temporary restraining order issued against you, we urge you to choose representation wisely. Call the Wilmington offices of Hicks Law Firm, PLLC, at 910-762-1202. Or take a moment to email our lawyer a description of your problem.

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