Wilmington DUI Defense Attorneys

DUI laws were created to protect the public from drunk driving, a real issue that North Carolinians sincerely care about. But over the years these laws have fed a significant stream of revenue to law enforcement and state government, while visiting great hardship on people who have harmed no one.

For all these reasons, Hicks Law Firm, PLLC, of Wilmington, North Carolina, has focused considerable energy on defending against DUI/DUI charges.

We represent individuals charged with the full range of DUI offenses:

  • First-time DUI
  • Subsequent DUI arrests
  • DUI involving drugs
  • Habitual DUI/felony DUI
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • DUI in which there is an injury
  • Commercial driver DUI
  • Underage DUI
  • DUI with a child in the vehicle

The truth is that the punishments for conviction on any of these charges are very harsh. Even if you feel badly about being behind the wheel after a couple of drinks, you cannot afford the direct and indirect consequences of conviction, which will cost you significant fines, drug/alcohol education, loss of driving privileges, public embarrassment and possible jail time.

Criminal defense lawyer Thomas S. Hicks is respected statewide for his work in DUI. Not only is he familiar with the many defense strategies applicable in your case, but he can work to protect your driving privileges, and possibly seal any resulting record of conviction so that the information is not shared with employers, schools, etc.

We can also help with Breathalyzer refusal defense, license suspension, continuous alcohol monitoring and outstanding bench warrants.

Call us the moment you are arrested for DUI. The police may act sympathetic to you, but they are not your friend. Let an experienced attorney do the talking for you.

Call 910-762-1202. Or email us a brief description.

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